About Us – The Quark Tool
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Utility, Without The Clutter

Daily tools that fit your life.

It started with the frustrated question "where hell is that thing?". It seems that objects have a habit disappearing the moment you need them the most. Whether the tool you need escaped from the garage, or that pair of scissors you open packages with walked off into the sunset. It was the recurring annoyance of time wasting, fruitless searching for something sharp that began our journey. We realized that the best place to keep our favorite tool, a sharp object, was our keychain. True to our nature at designers and makers, when we couldn't find the optimal solution, we set out to make the smallest, thinnest, and most convenient keychain based cutting implement. It quickly became apparent that using a utility blade would the most obvious place to start. What better blade to use than the ubiquitous utility blade? They are easily replaceable, nearly early every household has them, they are inexpensive and they can be found in just about every store imaginable.

Minimalism to a new vanishing point.

The result of our effort became Quark Tool. A way to carry a simple utility blade with you at all times, without ever feeling like you are carrying anything extra. The goal with Quark was that you should practically forget you even have it, until you need it.


Not long back in human history, the possessions that people kept were treated as prized possessions, artifacts that held history, value, and pride. We want to design products that reconnect with that ideology. Things that you carry and use on a daily basis should bring aesthetic value, improve your life in some way, and hold an intrisic value which goes beyond mere functionality. Our aim is to produce thoughtful, high quality, beautiful products for discerning, handy individuals. These days it seems all to common for companies to follow the architecture of the mass market, either creating products that are manufactured around cookie cutter processes which are just "good enough", or adding features that will never get used in an artificial claim of utility. We're looking to push the boundaries of manufacturing and design to create honest, ideal and holistic solutions.