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Quark Tool - The Minimal Keychain Utility Knife

Quark Tool - The Minimal Keychain Utility Knife

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The Quark is a thoughtfully designed keychain utility knife that disappears in your pocket but is always there when you need it. Boxes, blister packs, zip ties, tape, rope, clothing, paper, fishing line, and the many other random things you need a knife for... once you add it to your keychain, you will wonder how you lived without it!

As thin as 2 credit cards or one typical house key, the Quark takes minimalism to a new vanishing point. Easy to use and safe, just lift the locking safety lever and slide the blade out. Traveling? Just toss the blade and replace it later. The Quark uses standard sized utility blades and fits most major brands. No more sharpening dull blades!


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